Network Management


How much money are you spending on network management and maintenance? Is it really cost effective for your business to support your internal IT infrastructure? At TEXOTEC, we realize that network maintenance is not a once a month task. It is a day to day routine that requires an investment in time and a highly qualified technical staff. Our Network Management services are geared towards businesses that don’t have a lot of time on their hands to perform network administration duties.

When was the last time you verified that your backups are working? Do all of your systems have the latest patches and security updates? Is your network environment well documented? We specialize in providing Proactive Network Management services – our goal is to keep your systems available, rather than trying to recover from system failures and disasters.

Network Management Solutions

• Network Monitoring
• On-site Engineering Response
• Scheduled Maintenance
• Asset Management
• Network Documentation
• Backup / Restore Management
• Performance Reporting
• Patch / Hotfix Management

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