Structured Cabling


As a Structured Cabling Contractor TEXOTEC, inc designs and installs your fiber cabling and networking cabling infrastructure end to end with fully certified and warranted cabling solutions. From the MPOE/Phone room via Ethernet Cabling / LAN Cabling to the computer and phone outlet for each user, you can rest assured your technologies will work reliably for years to come.

Riser Management


Protecting your Commercial Real Estate assets is a primary focus for TEXOTEC Riser Management Services. With no upfront or monthly fees, TEXOTEC ensures the building and tenants Riser Management and riser cabling needs are professionally implemented. Know who is in the MPOE or Phone Rooms working on Telecom, Data, Fiber and Coax services. We help you manage your Riser Management resources, including the equipment and services by creating a policy, process and procedure for each "touch" along the cable path. Use your assets to create a better Riser Management connectivity environment for new and existing tenants so service providers can quickly provide service when tenants are ready to order.

Cabling Services


When you need cabling services for your new or existing facility, TEXOTEC gets you connected quickly and is "the source for cabling done right". Your Services are guaranteed and the work performed is Code compliant, Manufacturer compliant and industry standard. We offer Voice and Data Network Cabling Contractor and Professional Cabling Services as part of our Cabling Services offering.

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